It all started in 1983 with the purchase of a beautifully bred blenheim bitch, Roxanna Litina of Stonepit (Roxy) who went back to the old McGoogans, Alansmere and Crisdig lines. Petite, richly marked with a beautiful head, she provided the template for all future Toraylacs. She was quickly joined by another blenheim bitch bred by Margaret Russell, Aggshill January Girl of Beaulynton (Bonnie) who along with Roxy started the Toraylac line!

My first litter was born in January 1985, Roxanna Litina of Stonepit was mated to  Cottismeer Bennie of Stonepit, again concentrating on the proven mixture of Crisdig and Alansmere. From this combination came the first dog to carry the Toraylac affix – Toraylac Peter Piper, who had been sold to a lady destined to become a dear friend, Ann Pelech. This young dog surpassed all our expectations, gaining his Junior Warrant with ease and becoming the first Toraylac to gain it’s stud book number. He also went on to gain 1CC and BOB and 2 RCC’s. Unlucky maybe not to gain his title, but as total novices, we were delighted by his achievements. 

Roxy’s next litter was to Stonepit Sundari, who was by Danicott Dear Boy at Kevlorel. This was to be a key litter as it produced the dog Toraylac Here Comes Trouble and the bitch Toraylac Mystical Music Maker. Toraylac Here Comes Trouble was shown extensively and gained his Junior Warrant and stud book number, but Toraylac Mystical Music Maker stayed at home to become a very influential brood bitch. More of that later! Here Comes Trouble was mated to Aggshill January Girl and produced the top stud dog, Toraylac Christopher Robin. Christopher HATED showing and after winning his Junior Warrant, 1CC and BIS he decided that he did not want to enter the ring again. He concentrated on his stud work and produced 3 champions and many, many more championship show winners. The first Toraylac champion was Ch Toraylac No Trouble who was out of Toraylac Mystical Music Maker; the second Ch Harana Christa of Toraylac out of Crisdig Caribbean of Harana and the third Ch Hilarny Rely on Robin. Christopher left these shores to join Aidan O’Leary (Owencurra) to found the ‘Irish Toraylac Connection’. He has been a very influential stud dog in Republic of Ireland and had a long and healthy life with Aidan.

The first Toraylac champion, Toraylac No Trouble was a wonderful dog to show being one of the top puppies of 1989 and being made up before his 2nd birthday. His 1st CC & BIS was from Sandra Ireland, the 2nd at Crufts 1991 Centenary Show under Caroline Gillies and his 3rd & BOB from Hilary McQuaid. 

The second Toraylac champion was the beautiful bitch, Christa who had been acquired as a ‘brood’ bitch as she was rather heavily marked.  But what a beautiful girl she turned out to be, richly marked with ink black pigment and the prettiest of expressions. Christa was fun to show, winning her first CC at 12 months old under John Evans (Alansmere) and eventually winning 5 CC’s and 2 BIS. As I had been told that champion bitches were poor broods, I pulled her out of the ring in order to mate her. She proved everyone wrong and turned out to be an exceptional brood as well!.

The dog who proved to be Christa’s favourite suitor was the greatest Toraylac of the all – the great Ch Toraylac Joshua. His sire was the unshown Homerbrent Jeremy of Cottismeer and his dam was Toraylac Mystical Music Maker. Jeremy was from the greatly admired Homerbrent kennel of Molly Coaker and was living with Lorraine Higgins. I took T. Mystical Music Maker to him as one of his very first bitches. They clicked – and a lovely litter of 6 resulted. Four went as pets and I kept a bitch T. Jezebel and a dog Joshua. I loved Joshua as a puppy, but as a few people stated, he had a few ‘iffs’ about him. I wasn’t deterred as I knew he was special. He wasn’t shown much until he was out of junior, but once he started winning, he didn’t stop. He was very unlucky for a long time as he was up against his half brother- Ch Springtide of Alansmere, also by Jeremy. Springtide became the new breed record holder and Josh had to be content with 5 RCC’s in the year. Eventually he won his first CC under Di Schillizzi, his second under Tracey Jackson and his crown under Alicia Pennington at West of England CKCS club 1994 at 5 years of age! What a day that was, as his daughter also won the RCC. Josh was retired from the ring to concentrate on what he did best – being a top stud. Not a lot has to be said about his quality as a stud dog, suffice to say that his progeny have won all over the world and he has made his mark in history – everyone knows who ‘Joshua’ was. Tragically, he was killed in 1997 by a reversing lorry outside our home. He was an agile dog who could climb fences like a cat and so go for walkabout. This was to be his down fall. I will never have another dog like him.

To the present day; after remarrying, having 2 young children and moving home, I am at last doing what I like to do best of all- breeding quality Cavaliers. Joshua, Christa, Christopher, Roxy and the rest of the Toraylac Clan have left me with a wonderful legacy. The following pages show you what we are up to now.