Jim EvansCaroline Ackroyd-Gibson

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A book titled Puppylopaedia, A Complete Guide to Puppy Care, is the latest addition to the distinctive ‘Lopaedia’ series from Ringpress Books (a division of Interpet Publishing). Puppylopaedia is co-written by Jim Evans MRCVS (author of the best selling Doglopaedia), with the assistance of Caroline Ackroyd-Gibson. ‘Lopaedia’ are mini encyclopaedia-style books with a slight scientific feel. The books offer an essential reference point for owners committed to providing the best care for their pet.

The ‘Lopaedia’ animal care style provides more than just basic information, and is aimed at the professional as well as the discerning pet owner. The series keeps pretty pictures to a minimum, but uses plenty of charts, tables, sketches and diagrams to deliver expert information.

Puppylopaedia is an attractive handy sized soft backed book packed full of information making it an indispensable handbook, as well as a complete guide. The book is 215mm x 135mm with 176 pages and a suggested retail price of £7.99. There is no doubt that this book will sell as the formula is a proven one.

The ‘Lopaedia’ books educate and entertain, they are well written in an in-depth and fairly technical style, but without being too ‘heavy going’! Since the successful Doglopaedia was first published in 1995, it has remained at the top of the Ringpress bestseller list, along with cries for more ‘Lopaedia’ books covering different species of pets. The series already boasts, Catlopaedia, Horselopaedia, Rabbitlopaedia, Tropical Fishlopaedia, Hamsterlopaedia, Guinea Piglopaedia, Parrotlopaedia and even a Pondlopaedia.

Jim Evans author of the new Puppylopaedia is a highly experienced vet, who has specialized in the care of dogs. He has written numerous scientific papers and traveled worldwide on lecture tours. Co-author Caroline Ackroyd-Gibson is a former science teacher, who is now well respected as a dog breeder and international judge.

The ‘Lopaedia’ series is available from a variety of retailers, including pet shops, bookstores and vets. For information contact 01306 873814 or

Breeding A Litter: A Complete Guide to Mating, Whelping and Puppy Rearing
J.M. EvansCaroline Ackroyd-Gibson

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Breeding A Litter begins with some practical considerations for those thinking of breeding and includes in-depth information about the bitch’s anatomy and physiology. There is also guidance on choosing the right stud dog, as well as a step-by-step guide to mating. The book continues with expert advice on caring for the pregnant bitch. Whelping is covered in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, and includes suggestions on what to do if things do not progress as planned. Finally, Breeding A Litter explains how to care for the bitch and the puppies immediately after whelping up to the point when the pups are ready to leave for their new homes. There is a special chapter devoted to the importance of socialization during this period, and advice on how to ensure you can meet these needs. Whether you are facing the unexpected pregnancy of your pet or expecting a litter as part of a carefully planned breeding programme, this book is the only book you need.